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Top-Rated Audiologist In The Villages, Summerfield, Lady Lake, Oxford, Wildwood, & Leesburg, Florida

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Better hearing begins here!

Top-Rated Audiologist In The Villages, Summerfield, Lady Lake, Oxford, Wildwood, & Leesburg, Florida

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Hearing Care in Weirsdale, Florida

hearing care in Weirsdale floridaAl Turri, AuD is committed to the highest standard of hearing care in Weirsdale, Florida. You can’t receive the best care, however, unless your audiologist correctly diagnoses your needs. At Al Turri, AuD, we begin your journey to improved hearing with a comprehensive, real-world hearing consultation and hearing test. This FREE initial diagnosis helps to provide a complete picture of your unique hearing profile.

What Is the Difference Between a Dr. Darrow Approved Hearing Consultation & a Hearing Test?

A hearing test typically plays a sound at different volumes and asks you whether you can hear the sound. However, this doesn’t provide the entire picture of how you hear. It tells us even less about the best way our audiology office can help you.

A Dr. Darrow Approved Hearing Consultation, on the other hand, gathers information about far more than what you can hear. It also considers why you hear the way that you do and how you hear.

What Does a Dr. Darrow Approved Hearing Consultation Involve?

When you visit our hearing center near Weirsdale, Florida, your audiologist (hearing doctor) will conduct a thorough hearing consultation. Your free hearing consultation will use our state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies to measure your ability to hearing in noisy situations, quiet environments, and when multiple speakers are talking at the same time. In addition, we will be able to scientifically measure the shape and size of your ear canal and better understand how sounds are traveling through your ear to your auditory system including your brain’s ability to process sounds.

  • Determine Your Hearing Potential
  • Ability to Hear In Quiet Environments
  • How you Understand in Noisy Situations
  • Do you Hear Clearly with Multiple People Speaking at the Same Time
  • The Shape and Size of Your Ear Canal and How that Impacts Hearing


Gathering a Complete Picture of How You Hear with Hearing Care in Weirsdale, Florida.

During your initial hearing consultation, we will want to know about your medical history, family history, noise exposure, and other health factors. We’ll also want to know how you are doing in different hearing situations, what type of social environments are you most often in, and how you are dealing with hearing issues in your life. As your appointment approaches, it’s a good idea to starting thinking about all of these questions.

We recommend you bring a spouse or family member to your appointment as they can give important feedback on when you’re having hearing difficulties. This information is useful in developing the best solution for your unique hearing needs. To schedule your free hearing consultation, call our center for hearing care in Weirsdale, Florida, or click one of the buttons below.

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As one of the area’s premier audiology practices in The Villages, FL, Al Turri, AuD also provides 5-star-rated hearing care to patients in Summerfield, Lady Lake, Oxford, Wildwood, Leesburg, Belleview, Fruitland Park, and Weirsdale, FL.

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  • The Science of Maintaining Independence and Increasing Social Engagement As You Age
  • The Proven Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Developing Dementia
  • The Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss on Cognitive Function
  • The Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss
  • And Other Topics Including: Audiology, Treatment Process, and NeuroTechnology

"If you or somebody you love is worried about aging, the impacts of social isolation, cognitive decline and Dementia, hearing loss, and losing your independence - this book is for you!"

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Your Highly Rated Hearing Doctor & Audiologist In Leesburg, Belleview, Fruitland Park, & Weirsdale, Florida, Specializing In Hearing Aids with NeuroTechnology

Restoring Hearing Clarity - Guaranteed! - Invisible Hearing Aids with Dr. Albert Turri

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Lady Lake, Oxford, Wildwood & Leesburg, Florida

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The Villages
Audiology Office
2910 Brownwood Blvd
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Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

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The Villages
Audiology Office
2910 Brownwood Blvd
The Villages, FL 32163


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

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