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My Approach

Let NeuroTechnologyTM Bring Your Clarity Back

I strive to be central Florida’s leading choice for hearing loss treatment. From start to finish, I believe in a thorough process with a focus on you and your loved ones.

1. Before Your Appointment at Al Turri, AuD

My commitment to each patient begins before you step foot in my hearing center. To provide education to my patients on my process and treatment options, I will send you an information packet, along with my book, Back To Active: Change Your Life With Total Hearing Heath. In this book, you will learn how treating hearing loss is much deeper than hearing aids. As we start to lose our hearing, many times we start to withdraw from those around us and the activities we love. If gone unchecked, hearing loss also increases your risk of developing dementia. Discover how the advanced techniques of today can treat your hearing loss and help you reclaim your lifestyle and independence.

2. Functional Hearing Assessment

Performed by Doctors of Audiology, a Functional Hearing Assessment is a comprehensive diagnostic procedure intended to define the degree of your hearing loss and examine the impact of hearing loss on understanding words and conversation in both quiet and background noise environments. The best hearing treatment begins with the best evaluation, and Dr. Turri uses proven evaluation skills to provide the best treatment in restoring clarity.

3. NeuroTechnologyTM Hearing Aids & Treatment Options: The Journey to Improved Speech Understanding

We hear with our brains, not our ears. NeuroTechnologyTM, the new generation of hearing loss technology, is designed to treat the cognitive impairments of hearing loss. Unlike traditional hearing aids that are manufactured to simply make things louder, today’s treatment options restore clarity of speech in all listening situations, including rooms with significant background noise.

There are several NeuroTechnologyTM hearing aid options available. Which type is best for you depends on the results of your hearing assessment. NeuroTechnologyTM stimulates the auditory system and depends on several factors, including the extent of impairment and the delay in treating hearing loss (e.g. how long have you been living with untreated hearing loss). Treatment begins at the initial appointment, and over the first few weeks, there is an adaptive process occurring as your brain becomes adapted to restored clarity.

4. Adaptation to NeuroTechnologyTM

In an ideal world, we would begin hearing loss treatment for each patient the first day their hearing loss started. However, real-world statistics tell us that people tend to wait an average of seven years before starting hearing treatment. Stimulation of the auditory system has a positive impact on the entire brain and needs to be delivered at a conservative pace to ensure a successful treatment. My method of adapting clarity and volume levels within the first few months has been shown to be the most effective treatment rate with the highest patient satisfaction. Upon beginning treatment, you can expect new experiences, new sounds, and will typically visit my office three to five times over the first 30-60 days to dial in on exact sound stimulation levels.

While science is the driving force behind NeuroTechnologyTM, patient experience and feedback help guide the treatment process. Understanding the adaptive process of the brain is the basis for my comprehensive training program that encompasses total auditory rehabilitation and active, engaged living for my patients. As your hearing diminished over time, so did your brain’s ability to orient, localize, and focus on the speech sounds you want to hear. Think of this stage of treatment as “physical therapy” for your ears. My comprehensive auditory and brain stimulation program will help you think faster, focus better, and remember more of what you hear.

5. Scientific Verification of Improved Hearing Ability

It's critical that treatment is scientifically verified and validated. Real-ear measurements provide a method to objectively assess the accuracy and stimulation levels of NeuroTechnologyTM when placed in the patient’s ear. Real-ear measurements are considered the “gold standard” method for achieving proper clarity and stimulation and yet only 20% of hearing healthcare providers provide this verification.  Rest assured that every audiologist on our team has this high-tech verification system and uses it to ensure that your prescription is being attained.

6. Ongoing Relationship & Personalization of Hearing Needs

Your hearing needs continue to change throughout life, which is why I value an ongoing relationship with patients. I commit to working with you for many years to come. My comprehensive treatment program includes service, cleanings, supplies, annual hearing consultations, and ongoing support. When you work with me, you have a partner in enhanced hearing and improved quality of life. I will always look forward to seeing you whenever you need my help.

Schedule Your Assessment for Hearing Loss Treatment in The Villages, FL, Today

To get started on your healthy hearing, schedule your Functional Hearing Assessment today by calling (352) 724-1445. You may also use this convenient online form. Your appointment will include:

  • A Conversation Focused on Your Goals
  • Hearing Test
  • Real World Speech in Noise Testing
  • Memory and Brain Health Screening
  • Detailed Treatment Plan

During your assessment, I will take the time to answer any questions you have about my office, hearing treatments, flexible payment options, and anything else you may want to know. I look forward to helping you enjoy the sounds of life again!

I can now hear to have a conversation without struggling.
— Shirley D.
What To Expect At Your First Visit Improve the quality of your life and regain your independence
  • A Conversation Focused on Your Goals
  • Hearing Test
  • Real World Speech in Noise Testing
  • Memory and Brain Health Screening
  • Detailed Treatment Plan
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